The Car Share Revolution


We Move Car Sharing

Car sharing is a prevalent industry around the world and is just now starting to take hold in the United States. The premise is to locate a group of cars into a neighborhood or area and then people within that neighborhood can share the cars through a membership type service, instead of everyone having to purchase their own. The advent of the Smartphone and the increasing cost of car ownership have caused the car share industry to take off in America over recent years. Your Smartphone app makes the entire process of getting into your car automated. Car sharing has seen growth particularly in urban areas where car ownership is getting more and more expensive and inconvenient. In addition to the money you can save through car sharing, the biggest reason millions of people are moving towards car sharing is CONVENIENCE. This new industry gives me new and innovative ways to get around. These conveniences fall into three broad categories:

  1. Only Pay For What You Need – At We Move, we offer car rentals for as little as one hour. Why rent a car for a whole day or a whole week when you only need it a short period of that overall time. With We Move you only pay for what you need. And our technology allows you easy and automated trip check-in and checkouts. As long as no trips are coming up, keep the car as long as you need! Just extend your trip on the app at any time during the trip.
  2. Open Any Time Day or Night – Because We Move cars come with Telematics that allow you to unlock your car and start your trip, all with your smart phone, We Move is never closed! Start your trip and finish your trip on your schedule. No having to wait for the office or rushing back to drop off before they close. You are always on the move and We Move wants to keep you moving, any time.
  3. Cars Are Located In Your Neighborhood – Because of the use of our automated technology, we can put cars close to you. We Move strategically places cars throughout the city in hopes that one will never be too far away. Because our check-in and checkout system are completely automated, we can service multiple locations to make sure that there are We Move cars close to you.

Savings To The Environment– It is estimated that each car-share car can replace 10 cars from the road. That is less pollution and carbon emission in our environment. Also, studies have shown that our customers will get more stuff done in fewer trips, which will also lead to fewer miles driven. Car sharing is a great way to help our environment.

The Cost Savings of Car Sharing– The biggest benefit to using car sharing is the cost savings. From a study at UC, Berkley, car ownership cost over $9k per year!

  1. Expensive Repairs
    Repairs and maintenance are very expensive (if you can even find someone you trust), and what a hassle! Drop your car off for a week and figure out what to do then.
  2. Rising Insurance Cost
    Insurance can also be a killer. Car insurance in the state of Georgia has been going up an average of 10% a year and it is the 3rd highest in the country. The average Georgia driver pays $130 per month in car insurance. At We Move, car insurance is completely included.
  3. Major Depreciation
    It’s so depressing to think about every mile you drive cost money. Each mile and each day depreciate your car. And if you buy a new car, the depreciation can go faster than the payment! Never worry about a car payment again! Don’t worry about which sleazy car salesmen is going to rip you off. That is money that is staying in your pocket. Just share one of our cars when you need it. We will take care of everything else.