We Move is proud to be part of the Drive with Uber program. All of our vehicles are available for rent through the Drive with Uber app, thanks to our technology partner, Getaround. Our vehicles can be rented by the hour or by the day and they sync directly with Uber so that you can drive any car, any time. Whether you want to Drive with Uber for a few hours or want to keep the car for an entire week, all of our vehicles are available for Drive with Uber. Insurance, maintenance, repairs and unlimited miles are included!

Why would someone want to rent one of our cars to Drive with Uber?
  1. You do not own a car or an Uber-approved car: Uber has restriction on the type of cars that can be used. Your car may not meet their requirements or you may not have a car at all. We Move, with our Drive with Uber program, allows you to make money driving for Uber even if you don’t own a car.
  2. Save wear and tear on your car: Driving a car for Uber puts a lot of miles on the car. That means your car loses more and more value every trip. It also may require more maintenance and repairs. All of those expenses add up. When you rent one of our cars, we take care of everything. No need to ever worry about insurance, maintenance or repairs.
  3. Use a work car for work: Many of us love our cars and don’t want to use them for work. If you want to Drive with Uber but don’t want to use your personal car, just use one of ours. In our Drive with Uber program, unlimited miles are included. Take one of our cars to get the job done so you can have fun in your car on the weekend.