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All of our cars are available for Drive with Uber. Simply go to the Drive with Uber app and choose to rent a car by the hour. This is a great option if you want to Drive with Uber but don’t have a car or don’t want to put the miles on your car. Whether you want to squeeze in a few hours of Drive with Uber in the evenings or want to Drive with Uber all week, this is a great option for you! All insurance and mileage are included in our Drive with Uber program.

Our Drive with Uber programs, gives renters an honest picture of their business. There are many costs using your own vehicle: oil changes, brake jobs, new tires, major repairs, insurance, and most significantly, devaluing your vehicle. Use one of our vehicles and all of those expenses go away. Just simply pay for the time you use the vehicle and the rest of the money you make goes into your pocket.

Rent one of our vehicles for Drive with Uber directly on the Drive with Uber app! We are so proud of our technology partners and the opportunities that have been developed for us to work together. During these difficult economic times, using a We Move car for Drive with Uber is a great opportunity for people to make some extra money and ride in style.

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