How do I start my trip?

You can start your trip anytime after your initial start time. Simply go through the prompts on your app and inspect the vehicle closely. At the end of the inspection you can unlock the car from the app and the keys are inside.

Is there a mileage cap?

There is a mileage cap of 200 miles per day for non-Uber renter. Drive with Uber renter have unlimited miles.

Can I expend my trip?

Absolutely. You can rent your vehicle for as little as 2 hours but expend as much as you would like. You can rent for a maximum of one week at a time.

How much does it cost to rent?

We use dynamic pricing which means your price will change based on the car and the length of rental. The longer your rental, the less per hour it will cost.

What if I can’t find my car?

All of our vehicles have GPS tracking which will be available to the renter 15 minutes before the trip starts. If you cannot find your vehicle, use the GPS tracking through the app.

How do I end my trip?

Make sure your car has the same amount of fuel as when your trip began. When you are finished with your trip, bring the car back to the home location and do a final inspection of the vehicle. Return the key and lock the car from your app. Thanks for renting with We Move!