We Move Pandemic Triplets

The Pandemic Triplets

We Move has recently added three 2014 Chevrolet Cruze vehicles to the fleet, in the form of the Pandemic Triplets. All three come with a powerful 1.4L, 4-Cylinder Turbo engine. These cars get amazing gas mileage at 26-mpg city and 38 mpg hwy. The three new Cruzes, the Triplets, are named Marco (dark gray), Dolly (gold) and Arthur (silver).

All three were former federal government vehicles. They arrived super clean and had been well maintained. Marco had even recently been waxed.

First, it was Dolly and Arthur that were purchased out of Florida. They were brought to Atlanta just as the pandemic was beginning to rage in March. Participation in this Orlando auction was low but I know they were glad to find a welcoming home. It took them a couple months to get on the road because of tag office closures, but they were the first pandemic cars to burn rubber. They were an instant hit with our customers.

Marco arrived about a month later, arriving from Texas. He was the lowest mileage of our Pandemic Triplets. Also with a powerful yet fuel efficient 1.4L Turbo engine. Marco was clean and well maintained when he arrived but his tires had seen many miles. He got new tires, new oil, new brakes and new wipers, and he was ready to join the other Triplets.

The Pandemic Triplets added some new flavor to the fleet. These were our first Chevrolets as well as our first Turbos. We are so glad to have the Pandemic Triplets in the fleet! May they ride for many, many more miles.

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