We Move Vehicle InspectionWe Move allows our customers to communicate directly with our cars. When your trip starts, all you need is your smart phone and app. The app allows you to locate your vehicles, unlock it, and begin your trip… all seamlessly.

Our telematic technology allows our customers to have a better experience. No waiting at the car renter counter. Start your trip whenever it’s convenient for you. When you get to your car, follow the instructions on the app, then unlock the vehicle straight from the app. The keys are inside waiting for you. No need for someone to check you in. Our process is completely a self-service.

Using this proprietary technology also gives you peace of mind when you are in our vehicles. Call the 24/7 help center if there are any issues and we can communicate with the vehicle remotely from anywhere! Whether you have accidentally locked the keys in the car or can’t get the vehicle started, we are here to help you.

Once your trip is over, checking out has never been easier. Just document the fuel level, let us know if there were any issues and simply end the trip with your smart phone. Leave the keys inside and you are done. Inspect the vehicle yourself, end the trip, and let us know about the experience. Car sharing has never been easier.

We Move prides itself on convenience. Getting a car should be easy, and we have endeavored to make it as simple as possible. Check into your rental at a time convenient for you, use the car as long as you’d like, and, if necessary, extend your rental up to a week – all directly from the app! No need to call or come back to the home location. We know you are mobile so we’ve provided a solution to accommodate you. Returns are simple as well. Simply inspect the car, take pictures, and end your trip, on your time.

Getting a car to get you around Atlanta has never been easier.